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Nataliya Klyus BSc(Hons), Dip NT, mNTOI

Nataliya has a medical background as she studied medicine for 6 year in the Medical Academy in Ukraine, with big interest in children’s health and nutrition. After few years she followed her husband and in 2003 came to Ireland.

Over the next years Nataliya was busy with family life-caring for the children. She has three lovely boys. In her life Nataliya found herself in a difficult situations many times due to one of her son’s health issues (eczema and asthma). Nataliya started researching for alternative cures, her passion for nutrition became her hope and main focus. After some time her son was getting better, medications were reduced and eventually most of them discontinued. The biggest challenge still lay ahead.  When Nataliya’s youngest son was just a few months old he developed a sever allergic reaction. It was a hard time for all the family – hospital visits, A&E etc. Nataliya saw that medicine is great for acute illnesses and situations, but in the long-term and regarding chronic condition it was letting her down. With her knowledge, interest in nutrition and research for the past years, Nataliya went to study nutrition in the Institute of Health Sciences and graduated after three and a half years with a Diploma in Nutrition Therapy. Since Nataliya implemented nutrition changes at home the health of her kids improved greatly. Now she would like to share her experience and knowledge, and help other people improve and maintain their health and well-being, as our health is our most important asset.

Nataliya is fully insured and a registered member of NTOI – the professional
organisation representing nutritional therapists in Ireland.



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