Your Health Consultation

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Before the initial consultation you will be asked to fill in and return a questionnaire and a 3-days food diary. A careful analysis of this information: your eating habits and lifestyle, health and family history, also recognising genetic predispositions and environmental inputs may help to identify what factors may be contributing to your health issues or current symptoms. This will help to prepare and optimise the advice that suits the client’s individual needs and goals.

Initial consultation.

After you send back your filled in questionnaire you will be able to book the initial consultation. Usually, initial consultation lasts 90 min., but duration may vary depending on client’s individual needs (young age, complicated cases…). Generally the consultation can be divined on the three parts:

First part:

– about 20-30 min. – looking over the questionnaire and asking additional questions;

Second part:

– about 20-30 min. – explaining finding to the client;

Third part:

– about 30-40 min. – discussing recommendations and creating optimal personalised protocol for each client, to meet everyones individual nutritional and personal requirements.


Follow-up consultation.

Usually duration is 45 min. At the start will be discussed how did you get on with previous recommendations, did you have any issues or barriers that kept you from reaching your goal. After you will get your new recommendation plan tailored to your goal/issue.

Skype consultation can be arranged if required.

Contact here for more information.

Further laboratory tests may be recommended to identify causes of your health issues or levels of nutrients, hormones etc. or possible food allergies/intolerances.

Read more here about tests.


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